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Earth Month Cure Mother Earth Tips #11-15out of 20

This month brings awareness to Mother Earth and each Monday we will have 5 new tips for you to help Cure Mother Earth. We encourage everyone to take these tips and incorporate them into your life, not just this month but all year long

Here are tips 11-15:

11. Bring your own mug: When having your coffee or tea in the morning, bring your own travel mug to keep your drinks hot longer. This cuts down on paper cup waste!

12. Adjust your temps: If you just lower your temperature you can save 10% on your energy use over the year.

13. Do Errands with Friends: Try to get all your errands planned for one day to cut down on your fuel costs, and bringing a friend along to get their errands done at the same time is a double win.

14. Matches of lighters: Majority of lighters are disposable, so 1.5 billion of them end up in landfills every year. Made with plastic and butane, neither are environmentally friendly. Using paper matches is the best way, as they are made from recycled paper.

15. Turn off lights: This basic simple way to save energy and money… turn off the lights when you are not in the room. If the sun is out use natural sunlight to light a room during the day.

Check back next Monday for tips #16-20 the final set! And share this article and tips with your friends and family together we can make a difference!

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