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How you can save Energy and Stay Cool this Summer:

This Summer is going to be a hot one, with temps already causing many people to bust out into their pools early. While keeping cool inside and outside is always a good idea (you don't want to over heat) make sure you are helping Cure Mother Earth any way that you can all summer long. It is important to conserve energy whenever you can, so let's learn how you can stay cool in this heat.

The main thing is to try to keep heat out, you always want to block out strong UV rays when you can. Using curtains is the best way, ones that are designed specifically to do just this task. Keeping your thermostat set at 78 will help save energy as it is a comfortable room temperature. Remember that using a ceiling fan to cool your room is good, but ceiling fans cool people not rooms. They don't help much with lowering temperatures in the heat so make sure to turn them off when you aren't in the room.

Try not to use too many appliances that cause heat like microwaves, ovens, stoves, toasters and more during the day. As with all products make sure you purchase energy star appliances at all times. Running your dryer at night might help keep your home cool during the day if your laundry room does not have it’s own door to block out the heat. It is best to avoid major appliances if you want to stay cool between 2- 8pm.

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