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National Aphasia Awareness Month, learn more:

Aphasia is when you have a language disorder after a brain injury. This can affect all aspects of a child’s language, like thinking of right words, using correct grammar when talking or writing and understanding what they are hearing or reading. The most common way of getting aphasia is a stroke. You can also develop Aphasia after traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, and other diseases that may cause Aphasia. Depending on the brain damage and amount, the urgency of each problem is different.

If you need to get a diagnosis a speech pathologist can asses that. It is even better to find a paediatric speech pathologist who is experienced in children after brain injury. To help children with Aphasia children may need one-on-one therapy to help with language skills. Also school based language intervention can also be really helpful to help kids develop skills and plans to cope with their difficulties.

Things to remember about Aphasia:

  • Aphasia is a language disorder that is a result of damage to the specific language centres of the brain.

  • The severity of the problem depends on the amount and location of the damage to the brain.

  • A speech pathologist can diagnose language disorders and help with developing strategies to help your child.

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