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350+ Bags of Food Given out at Repplier Park, Next Outreach September 23rd!!

On August 26, Kids Cures Foundation volunteers handed out over 350+ bags of food to kids and families in our communities. Every 4th Saturday is our food outreach in Banning, so make sure to mark your Calendar for September 23 10-1p at Repplier Park. We suggest getting there early as bags tend to run out before 1p!

This time around we had bread, grapes, various meats, stuffing, and of course our Cure Hunger Now Bags themselves. These bags come with rice, beans, mashed potatoes, canned goods and more! Food was packed and loaded at our USDA warehouse by volunteers. Each Monday volunteers come out to help pack bags of food families. You can always sign up to volunteer here. With thousands of people being fed each month we hope to help even more people. Make sure to share the date with friends and family who might need a little extra help each month. See you September 23!

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