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National Family Caregivers Month Is This November, what is a Caregiver?

November brings awareness to Caregivers. These people consistently take care of others. Caregivers can be anyone: dads, sons, daughters, partners, and friends. A Caregiver is basically anyone who cares for someone, some caregivers are paid, but most rely on unpaid assistance from families, friends and neighbors. There’s many services a Caregiver provides for the person they are taking care of. Ranging from dressing, bathing, grocery shopping, medical appointments and more.

It can be challenging to be a Caregiver when you have to manage your life as well as take on caring for someone you love. While it is rewarding, it is the purpose of Family Caregivers Month to honor those who give their everything to take care of others. About 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid care each year for adult family members and friends with medical conditions according to Particularly women provide over 75% of caregiving support in the United States.

This Month we can learn so much more about Caregivers with They have more information on this topic, including statistics, detailed information so share this with your friends and family today! You might even be a Caregiver, and so we Thank you for all the sacrifices you make.

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