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Kids Cures Delivers Comfort Build-a-Bags to Children with Valentines Inside!

On this visit to the hospital, we had a great visit delivering our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s that came with hand made Valentines Day cards. What else goes inside these bags to kids? Various toys, coloring books, stuffed animals, and more depending on their age and condition. Some bags are themed to various popular characters like Minnie Mouse, Spider-Man, Disney Pixar Cars and more. Items inside create a way for kids to have fun and get their mind off their medical treatments. Donations help purchase toys, you can also donate toys to us directly as well.

This visit Kohl’s Cares hand crafted cute Valentines Cards that went inside each Comfort Build-a-Bag. Each bag is always made with love, and Valentines added a special touch for kids and teens. One boy received his bag from Spider-Man as he was getting ready to go home, what a great way to start Valentines Day.

With even more special moments our visits are always a great way for volunteers to get a hands on. One young child had all the nurses waiting to see his reaction because he loves super heroes. It was a moment his mom would never forget, he was happy and excited to visit with some of the top super heroes. Many other kids got the opportunity to have some time with each character. We hope each child loved their Comfort Build-a-Bag and their Valentine.

A very special thank you to Claudia Thornburg for believing in our program from the start, without you we wouldn’t have touched the lives of many kids at Kaiser Fontana. What a fun ride it’s been, many blessings as you move onto a new chapter in your life.

As always Comfort Build-a-Bag will be back for our March visit! Stay tuned for dates, and remember you can volunteer.

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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