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June 23rd is Our Next Cure Hunger Now Community Food Outreach!

If you missed our Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach on May 26, save the date for the next one which is on June 23 10a, only while supplies last though! Please arrive early and line up because the early bird gets the worm at our food outreaches. Sometimes we have frozen meats, juice, bread, chips and other items. Partnered with Feeding America and other companies, all our food comes from sponsors and donors.

We gave out over 250 Cure Hunger Now Food bags, feeding hundreds of people. Each bag is packed by volunteers with passion. The amount of work it takes to get food bags complete takes a lot of people. You can volunteer for any program conveniently online with your email.

See you June 23rd! Here’s some more upcoming dates for Repplier Park 10a in Banning:

July 28

August 25

September 22

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