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Be Safe this Halloween!

From the costumes, the creativity, the sweets and the fun, October brings along one of the most exciting and enjoyable holidays, Halloween! This holiday is meant to be pure fun for everyone, children, teens and adults! Who doesn’t love dressing up in spooky, crazy or cute costumes, and going out to get free candy? October 31st, Halloween, one of the most fun nights of the year aside from Christmas and New Years, a chance where your imagination can run wild, be it dressing as one of your idols, a spooky gosht, or a ghastly witch, shouldn’t be dangerous, could it?

Aside from pumpkin carving, getting costumes ready, and partying, Halloween can actually be dangerous if you’re not careful and diligent. Statistics show that poison control centers and hospitals, are the busiest on Halloween night. Some children get candy made with ingredients the can trigger an allergic reaction sending them into anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction that can be life threatening if not treated immediately, resulting in death or permanent brain damage. Another way children can be poisoned is through, edible marijuana goods, such as brownies or gummy candies, in states where the drug is legal. With most children being so small, they can overdose very quickly, most times requiring hospitalization. It is suggested that parents go through and inspect all of their child’s candies and goods; check for open wrappers, strange dusts, or any off smelling products.

Limiting how much you child eats is a very good idea. Kids should be monitored when it comes to halloween candy. Too much can cause stomach pains, or other health issues. Watching how much candy your child eats every day, is a good idea.

Glow sticks, while help illuminate your child, dog, costumes or yourself, can be dangerous if busted open. When cut open, shards of glass as well as other chemicals fall out of the glow stick onto, and sometimes into hands an mouths of young children and pets, to help avoid ingestion, glow sticks taste very bitter.

Kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car on halloween, than any other time of the year. When designing or buying your child’s costume, think of how you ca help them be seen by cars while crossing the road. Children under 12 are often more excited by halloween than teens, and may dart out in front of cars to get to the next ‘trick or treat’ spot, make sure that they are always under supervision of someone older.

Remind your children that they should ‘trick or treat’ in places that they are familiar to, kidnapping also happens on Halloween. Teach your kids awareness of strangers and what to do if approached. Simply yelling “ NO “ can save your child's life. Make sure your child knows your phone number by heart, write it down somewhere or give them a phone to take with them while they go trick or treating. Let your child know that if they’re being abducted to scream, kick, punch, and do anything that they can to defend themselves and to let someone around know they need help. To be safe, no matter what age, go with or stay near your child. Be sure to watch out for ghosts and ghouls and have a fun and safe Halloween this year!

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