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Cinderella, Snow White, Spider-Man, Belle and Captain America Deliver Comfort Build-a-Bag’s

On March 20, we visited children at Kaiser Fontana. Our bags are packed specially for each child, and unique to them. These bags were filled with toys donated by you, your toy donations from last years Christmas toy drive continue to bring joy to children. Donated toys are at the center of each Comfort Build-a-Bag visit, donated funds also help purchase bags with various characters from Marvel, DC, Disney, and more!

On this visit Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Belle and everyone’s favorites; Spider-Man and Captain America delivered each child a bag. Inside kids could find tons of goodies to help their hospital stay become fun. Toys, stuffed animals, coloring books, and so much more could be found inside each Comfort Build-a-Bag. Kohl’s Cares volunteers help each visit, and their families helped create some cool cards for each kid, adding a special touch of love. Valentina Warshaw donated hand made socks for children, pictured below:

One teen took photos with our characters, and plans to use one as his Senior yearbook photo. He was a huge Spider-Man fan, just like a younger boy who was excited to see Spider-Man and Captain America. He jumped up in his bed when he seen them coming in, and enjoyed a one on one experience with these two characters. Together they went through the Comfort Build-a-Bag, taking out each toy to show him. Special moments like these are unforgettable, Comfort Build-a-Bag visits are awesome for children.

Next month our favorite Easter Bunny will be visiting, stay tuned for more.

Thank You for Believing in Us.

-Kids Cures Foundation

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