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Bringing Easter Joy: The Return of the Easter Bunny and the Magic of Comfort Build-a-Bag Visits

Comfort Build-a-Bag visits bring unique character experiences to children in the hospital. Patients get to interact with characters who give them their personalized Comfort Build-a-Bags filled with a range of items including blankets, toys, activity items, stuffed animals, and more. Each bag is customized to the specific needs and age of each child. These visits are a wonderful surprise for children, and during our latest visit, we were accompanied by a special guest for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic!

The Easter Bunny came to help Belle and Spider-Man bring smiles to children. With her Easter Basket in hand, we went room to room delivering Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to kids. Stuffed animals, and cozy blankets help bring comfort during some scary times for kids. The Easter Bunny hopped down the hallways bringing pure holiday joy throughout the pediatric ward. As we were leaving characters posed with doctors and nurses for Easter.

Belle was requested back to a room, as a young girl wanted to meet with her again before she left. Special one on one moments with characters create memories that last a lifetime. To have someone visit you in the hospital is special, but when it’s Belle or the Easter Bunny it’s magical. Thank you to Kohl’s Cares team and volunteers, together we bring so much light.

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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