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Young Boy Battles Spider-Man: Comfort Build-a-Bag’s Get Delivered

Comfort Build-a-Bag program delivers custom bags to children in the hospital. These bags are created to fit each child’s age, interests and medical condition. With the help of Kohl’s Cares and volunteers we go room to room delivering joy. But that’s not all, characters help us deliver, creating an even more magical experience.

On this visit our good friends Belle and Spider-Man helped once again. These two always have a huge fan base. On this visit a young boy spotted Spider-Man at the opposite side of the long hallway. The young boy began to try to catch Spider-Man in a web of his own, but it wasn’t enough to defeat Spidey himself! Special moments like these create fun moments for children and positive memories during their hospital stay.

Kids received bags with various characters on them like Stitch and Avengers. Inside each kid received a blanket, toy, and activity item like rock painting. Each bag is customized to their age, gender, and/or medical condition. We cannot wait to see the faces on kids during next visit March 28. Stay tuned on social media!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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