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Comfort Build-a-Bag Program is A Step Closer to Resuming Normal Visits.

Our Comfort Build-a-Bag program is the base program of our foundation. Since COVID-19 this program has been hurt the most. Normally visits consist of unique custom bags for children in the hospital filled with toys, coloring books and more. Characters take each visit to the next level by personally delivering bags to children. The beginning of 2020 was the last time we were inside the hospital with characters, so it has been a long time.

During the whole pandemic volunteers were only allowed to drop off bags of toys to nurses at the rear of the hospital. But on this latest visit, volunteers were allowed inside the lobby at Kaiser. This was a major feat in the COVID-19 pandemic that seems to never have an end in sight. We are steps closer to being able to resume our regularly scheduled visits. Nurses will sanitize, sort and deliver toys to each child and some toys will wind up in the play room that recently opened last year read more here.

Thank you to our Comfort Build-a-Bag team for delivering awesome toys to the hospital. Stay tuned as we will provide updates on this program here and on social media as we get closer to resuming normal visits.

Feel like donating a new toy?

Email to schedule a drop off/pick up.

Thank you for Believing in Us!

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