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Belle Invites her friends Queen Elsa, and The Avengers to the Hospital for this Month’s Comfort Buil

Our Comfort Build-a-Bag Program provides personalized bags to children in the hospital. Each bag is hand packed with various goodies for kids! Comfort Build-a-Bag’s are a lot of fun and create joy in a place that can be very stressful. Our bags are only possible by donations, which provide toys, coloring books, books, stuffed animals and more.

Last month we told you that Princess Belle invited a friend from Arendelle, and it turned out to be Queen Elsa! The Snow Queen herself came to visit children in the hospital, and she even brought a friend along, Olaf! Spider-Man and Captain America took time away from the Avengers’ busy premiere week to join Belle, Elsa and Olaf on our Comfort Build-a-Bag mission. Together they delivered to over 20 kids, and with the help of our volunteers and Kohl’s Cares volunteers, we made children, and nurses have a great day.

Children were surprised and excited to see so many different characters arrive in one visit. Kids held Olaf and smiled for photos, making magical memories. For the first time in forever Olaf got lots of warm hugs from kids.

Elsa told us that she would differently be back for next month’s visit. Make sure you keep up to date with Kids Cures on Social Media for updates every single day!

See more Photos Below!

Thank You for Believing in Us!

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