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Lots of Meat given out at the latest Banning Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach

Our Cure Hunger Now program provides food to families in Banning and Beaumont. Each Outreach is held on the last Saturday (Banning) and the second Saturday (Beaumont) of the month. On March 25 the Banning Outreach gave out thousands of pounds of food to the community. The program has made a significant impact in the two towns, providing much needed nutrition for those in need. Our outreach was meat-filled, with two pallets of ground beef and pork. USDA food boxes included green beans, tuna, canned chicken, rice, peanut butter, almonds and more. On the side families got meat and bags of apples and oranges!

We would like to thank our volunteers, as well as Set Free Church of Banning and Hub City Church of Beaumont.Volunteers loaded, packed, and passed out boxes to families and boy was it fun. Before we started volunteers had donuts and water to fuel them before the big outreach. During the outreach, everyone worked together to make it a success.

Thank you team, we look forward to next month!

See more photos below!


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