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October's Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit Brought More Goodies to Children in the Hospital

Our Comfort Build-a-Bag visits help get a child's mind off of treatments and onto some fun! With great items such as toys, books, crayons, activity books, games, blankets and more there's always something to bring joy to a child. Our friends Spider-Man and Belle came together once again to help pass out items to children.

This time items were delivered in Halloween bags and passed out room to room. Spider-Man and Belle took time to talk, laugh and take photos with kids. One on one time can be essential to children when a character happens to be their favorite. These visits are magical and help children get through their most difficult times.

Thank you to Kohl's Cares and volunteers for making the magic happen every month on these visits. We truly love and appreciate you all. Stay tuned for the next visit in November.

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation


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