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Cabazon Food Outreach gives out 100 Cure Hunger Now Food Bags! Next Outreach in Cabazon is December

This latest outreach was a great success as our volunteers helped load and unload 100 bags in Cabazon as well as white water. This program helps feed families with our bags made for meals. With corn, rice, beans, noodles, and more families are able to have a good meal.

Each Cure Hunger Now Food Bag can make meals that families can enjoy together. As we reach Thanksgiving we want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. We do offer food assistance during the Holidays, but you must email or call us in advance. Last minute food requests are not accepted, and we offer only limited items.

Volunteers make it happen, and they unloaded all bags for this outreach. Don’t miss the last outreach for Cabazon of this year 2016, on December 10 from 10-12p. Want to be a volunteer? Email

Banning's Next Outreach is November 19 10-1p at Repplier Park while Supplies Last!

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