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Kids receive Comfort Build-a-Bag's from characters!

Our Comfort Build-a-Bag's bring joy and fun to children of all ages in the hospital. This visit was no exception as volunteers came together to help Princess Belle, Spider Man, Captain America and Darth Vader down the hallways. Volunteers held a total of 44 bag's beating last month's visit, and delivered them with love.

Each bag was hand decorated, and truly special. The time and dedication taken to craft each bag is insane, and shows the dedication of volunteers. With each room, characters greeted each child and took photos with family members. Each visit to each room was something special and one of a kind.

A little girl was in her PJ’s when Princess Belle came to visit her. She immediately when to go change into her own princess dress to take photos. Special moments like these make our visits magical. As the visit went on it reminded us that our bag’s are truly special to these kids, touching hearts of family members. Our next visit is March 15! Stay tuned to our website as we will be sharing many more great moments.

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