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Comfort Build-a-Bag’s create excitement for kids of all ages in the Hospital

When children in the hospital receive a Comfort Build-a-Bag it is more than just a bag filled with great items. It gives them a chance to get their minds off their treatments and onto some fun. This month volunteers from Kohl’s and Kids Cures came together to hand bags to kids with the help of some very special characters.

Just like last month Belle, Spider Man, Darth Vader and Capitan America came together to surprise children. One of the little girls received her bag from Belle, and told us that Belle is her best friend, adorable! When Spider Man walked in with a bag for a little boy, he received a huge hug from one of his biggest fans! Touching moments like these happen monthly during our Comfort Build-a-Bag Visits. To see kids faces light up when see unexpected guests, is priceless.

Stay tuned for more photos next month! And remember you can help support our Comfort Build-a-Bag program through donations online, or you can bring in brand new toys all year long!

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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