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More Comfort Build-a-Bag's Get Delivered to Kids By Volunteers!

On August 16, we visited Kaiser Fontana to deliver our one of a kind Comfort Build-a-Bag’s. Each bag has items donated or purchased with donations, to help provide children with comfort and joy in the hospital. Volunteers from the Kids Cures Foundation and Kohl’s Cares met up to help deliver each bag. These bags had various characters on the outside of each bag. Characters such as, Disney Princesses, Star Wars, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, and other Super Heroes. Inside was something special, hand made creative cards for each kid. These cards are astounding and took lots of time and dedication from volunteers!

Once up the elevator we met up with Claudia who works in the pediatric ward, she directed us to each room greeting families and introducing the characters to kids. A little girl named Isabelle was in shock to see Batman, she was more excited for the super heroes than Princess Belle, it was a great moment for her and her family. It is always heart warming to see kids smile and get excited because being in the hospital can be really tough for kids.

This program is special as it is known to excite kids, they are told they will be getting, “visitors” and then get surprised by our characters and volunteers. Our last kid was excited and patiently waited for us, and her patience paid off. Her and her mom got photos and were seen going back over them smiling and enjoying items inside her Comfort Build-a-Bag. Many special moments were made today, and many more to come.. check out photos below!

See you next month!

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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