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October Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit Brings Handmade bags made by other Kids to Kids!

When we first started our foundation one of our main goals was to have kids helping kids, and that remains true til this day. On this latest visit to the hospital each bag was hand decorated by kids at the Beaumont Library! Made with love, each special bag included handmade Halloween cards. Every Comfort Build-a-Bag is created to match the child's age and medical condition.

Kids were so appreciative of their bags, and it was touching to see them excited to go through their own personal Comfort Build-a-Bag. A young girl went through her bag with smiles as we walked by to the next room, her sister also received a few items from our one of our Build-a-Bag wagons. We always carry extra toys, stuffed animals, bags, crayons, and more for new admissions and siblings! On this visit we had to pack over 10 new admissions to the hospital, so we created bags just for these kids on the go. Teens on this visit received iTunes Cards to purchase, movies, music, or apps.

Princess Belle wasn't able to make this visit due to a Princess meeting, but our good friends, Spider-Man, Bat-Man, and Captain America came along to help deliver our Comfort Build-a-Bag's. We are always in need of Volunteers for this visit, please fill out this simple form and come with us and experience something like never before! You can also donate new toys and stuffed animals all year long to us! Donations via PayPal also help with the purchase of items for our visits to the hospital and other programs and services.

Our next visit is November 14th, and we couldn't be more Thankful to visit in November before Thanksgiving. We love doing this, and encourage your support! Volunteer today!

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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