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Volunteer for our Next Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit, and check out the latest trip to the Hospital:

On November’s Comfort Build-a-Bag visit we delivered over 20 custom bags to Children in the hospital. Stuffed animals, puzzles, coloring books, bibs, blankets, toys and more filled each bag. Comfort Build-a-Bag’s are designed to fit each child’s age and medical condition. Packed by volunteers each bag is unique and memorable to each child. When Princess Belle, Spider-Man, Bat Man and Captain America come visit extraordinary things happen. Children begin to smile when visited by us and Kohl’s. Our bag’s are just the perfect finishing touch to Comfort Build-a-Build Bag visits.

This trip included bears donated by Lisa Romo Kay Jewlers, and stuffed animals purchased through Kohl's Cares. Items are purchased through donations along with bags, you can donate online here. If you have new toys to donate please contact us to schedule a drop off.

This visit each Child had their own individual time with characters. We love this part because when we see smiles on kids and families faces, it’s priceless. One special little girl loved each character and was elated to see them visit her. Her family helped her go through her Comfort Build-a-Bag and seen that the items inside the bag matched what she was interested in. Comfort Build-a-Bag visits are magical and we encourage anyone to join us by Volunteering. Usually on select Tuesdays at 10am, please sign up to volunteer for more information.

For this month we want to say Thank You to everyone who believes in this program and our Foundation. Our Volunteers make it happen and our Kohl’s Cares Volunteers on each Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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