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The Easter Bunny and Friends deliver Comfort Build-a-Bags to Children

On March 28th we visited Kaiser for a very special Comfort Build-a-Bag visit. We brought stuffed animals, hand made easter cards, bunny ears for kids and reading books this time around. Kohl’s Cares volunteers handmade each card with creative messages of spring, easter and kindness. Princess Belle, Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America took time from their busy schedules to help. They even called down their friend the Easter Bunny to bring even more excitement for kids.

The Easter Bunny put a smile on kids and adults throughout the hospital, with many nurses stopping for photos. Children and teens took photos with the Easter Bunny and friends capturing moments to last forever. Walking down the halls, Kids Cures Foundation and Kohl’s Cares helped organize, and guide the Easter Bunny to each child and teen. One young girl in particular was so smitten over the Easter Bunny that she continued to send kisses from her chair across the hall. Comfort Build-a-Bag visits have many special moments like this every month!

We talked to the Easter Bunny and the Easter Bunny will definitely be back next year! Our Next visit is on April 26th! We also heard from Belle that a friend from Arendalle will be visiting next month.… Stay Tuned! Comfort Build-a-Bag visits create so much magic for kids of all ages, and we couldn’t do it without everyone’s support. Thank you to volunteers, sponsors and donors!

See Even More Photos Below!

Thank You for Believing in Us!

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Kids Cures Foundation

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