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Amazing News for our Comfort Build-a-Bag Program, Read More:

Our Comfort Build-a-Bag program provides bags filled with various items to Children in the Hospital. These bags are crafted around each child’s health conditions, and interests. Since COVID-19 we have not been able to go on our regular visits with our bags, and characters. Instead we meet with pediatric nurses at a distance, masked and all items bagged in giant bags so they can be inspected and passed out safely.

On June’s visit to Kaiser we met in the lobby with the same COVID-19 restrictions. The head of the pediatrics met us to collect the toys and other goodies. It has been a rough two years for this program. We have not been able to bring in characters like Spider-Man, Belle and of course volunteers. The special part about the Comfort Build-a-Bag program is the unique experience it can bring to kids during their toughest times.

Today we are excited to announce that next month we will be returning to the pediatric ward, with custom bags, characters and a few volunteers. There will still be covid precautions in place during this visit, but we will finally be able to visit children room to room. It has been a long 2 years, and we are very excited to be getting back! We hope you stay tuned, this next visit will bring two characters along, and we are so excited! Can you guess who’s returning first?

Courage, Strength, Hope

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