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Kohl's Cares and Volunteers help Garden for Earth Month and Wellness

On Saturday April 8, everyone came together to help pull weeds, plant flowers, vegetables and more. The day was gorgeous, perfect temperature to garden for our Cure Mother Earth program. This program teaches kids about the planet, and Earth Month is just another way to remind people all month about our amazing planet. Every small thing you do to help the planet adds up. It may seem like gardening does nothing, but growing plants helps create clean air, and we create clean air we help with the wellness of patients.

With soil donated by Cherry Valley Nursery--Kohl's Cares Volunteers helped shovel and spread out the soil. Kohl's Beaumont and Mira Loma teams came out to show their support for the planet. Cures Club kids showed up to help and also play some freeze tag! With donated plants of different kinds, volunteers, Kohl's and Cures Club helped to get the ground ready for the plants. In total we planted over 30 new flowers, vegetables, trees, and bushes combined. Together we helped Mother Earth and our unique Garden of Hope.

We had some chips, hot dogs and water to keep everyone energized. The garden looks fantastic, and stay tuned as we will be launching a monthly club to help maintain this beauty. You could be involved, you can also volunteer at any event!

Earth Month brings awareness to our great planet that gives us life. Together we can make a difference, beginning with small steps. Each small step leads to bigger results, together. This event brought new plants to the garden, Curing Mother Earth. If one thing we learned during this event is Gardening is essential to the health of plants that help us everyday. Whether it be a flower, or an apple tree. Every plant has it's purpose to provide life, and wellness.

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

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